Unable to download any modules, logged in or otherwise

As of yesterday I am unable to DL any modules, both before and after updating to v3.6.2

Anyone else having issues?

My guess is that you’re having this problem, but it’s hard to tell without any details.

Are there any error messages?

Just this:

Show me the details for the SSL certificate. There should be something you can click in the address bar in Safari to get that.

No clue where to find that. Safari Help for ‘SSL’ had no hits at all; for ‘certificate’ had nothing referencing SSL. I should add that every time I DL a new vassal engine I have to do a security bypass to all it to download. Probably my Safari settings, but I’m a user of computers and not a “know WTH is going on” type guy.

Clicking on the little padlock to the left of the URL in Safari will bring up the site certificate information:

However, I have to stress this is for a site that is loading correctly–it very likely will look like a different icon when an error is occurring.

no lock visible… but I do see the lock on other open windows.

If you could show me the certificate, I’m fairly certain you’d see what’s on the thread I linked to above. This thread from the linked post onward shows how to see the certificate in use in Chrome. Can you try Chrome?

If you’re having the problem it appears you are, the solution is to use current root certificates, and the way to do that is to make sure your OS and browser are up to date. Have you done that?