Unable to type in chat input box + workaround (Vassal v3.6.x ?)

This is a problem I’ve noticed in recent months, so I think it crept in during v3.6 somewhere.
It occurs on MacOS (I know of one other victim, @rjvonline, and he was using Mac too). I have not heard it from players who use Windows.

Symptom: During an online game (only noticed online, so far), the chat input field becomes inaccessible.

Workaround: Opening some other window, closing it and /or generally clicking in the module will eventually reset the input field back to normal.

So far I find this issue difficult to reproduce. Please reply to this thread if you have experienced it and include your platform details and any info you have that may help a repro. Thank you.

As Mark indicated, I have encountered this issue a few times using a MacBook Air M1. My solution seems to have been to close the main Vassal window and then reopen it. I can’t recall doing to anything in particular that might have caused the issue.