Undaunted Stalingrad or Battle of Britain

Helloa all,

Just wondering if Undaunted Stalingrad or Battle of Britain are being worked on at all?

I know @alecrespi made Undaunted Normandy, so I’m hoping theres a chance!


Hi Flukanuck,
if there is interest in doing it, I’m available.
Obviously both the material and the authorization of the author/publisher are needed.

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Well, at the very least I’m interested haha. No idea how one goes about getting permission!

There is nothing that prevents anyone from making a module for any game and privately sharing it with other players.
The only thing a publisher can do if they disapprove is to object to it being posted publicly.

I would also certainly be interested! I lost my gameroom just after getting this game. My Grandson needed a bedroom.
Unfortunately, I have zero experience making vassal modules. Looks like it would be a wee bit complicated to cut my teeth on this one.