Understanding Module Uploading


I am a contributor for NFL Strategy. However, last year I accidentally deleted myself and would no longer see the (edit) option on the module site when I opened into it.

Now, with the new website, I am listed as a contributer. I see to the left a link to upload and I did upload an updated version on the game. It seemed to work, but it does not show on the module page.

How do I get an upload to appear on the module page, so that others can download from there?

Mark Hansen

After you upload your file , you have to provide a link to the file on the module page by editing the module page files section and adding the new entry (I’ve done this for your file already)

Hey Markham! I used to play NFL Strategy about 40 years ago; wore out two games and wasn’t able to find a replacement until I found it here on Vassal. Thank you so much.

I have a couple of questions about the module that I’ll have to write down the next time I play the game. Once again, it’s been a real joy finding this old jewel.