Up Front 3.4.7 Obsolete Custom Code


OS: Windows 10
Memory: 8GB
VASSAL: 3.6.0
Module: Up Front 3.4.7

The module send this warning:

Obsolete Custom Code
Deprecated classes, methods, and fields in C:\Users\User\Documents\Documenti Boardgame Vassal\Up Front\Vassal\Up_Front_v3_4_7.vmod
(used by => removed item, date eligible for removal)
UpFront.Messenger => VASSAL.build.module.DiceButton$IconConfig, 2021-10-01

Can anyone to fix/repait this ?
Thank you in advance.

Thanks for asking about this—it made me realize that the Javadoc was missing the advice about what to use instead. I’ve submitted a patch to update the Javadoc here.

DiceButton.IconConfig is being replaced by AbstractToolbarItem.IconConfig. Since DiceButton is an AbstractToolbarItem, the change required in the code should be trivial, but it’s hard to say just what it consists of without being able to see the code.

Are you the maintainer of the module?

Hello Uckelman
I’m an Up Front player and a contributor. I’m not the maintainer.
I made only small changes for this module.
I love to play Up Front. with this module