Up Front - Card Count

Would it be possible to add a card count to the Draw deck and Remove from Game Pile?

Please you check last Up Front module in Vassal.
Latest update (Dicember 2019) has the Remaining deck counter.

Hi Alessandro,

Sorry for the confusion - I was not asking for a “Deck Remaining” counter on the virtual board.

What I was asking for was a way of counting the cards remaining in the deck. For example, if you mouse over the deck a graphic appears showing the number of cards remaining in the deck.

In the current version (3.4.2), the deck graphic does not change regardless of whether there are 100 or 10 cards left to be drawn from the deck.

Hi Eric,
please can you check again if the remaining deck counter doesn’t change during the game ?
I thought that during the game face to face we don’t know the exact number of cards in the deck.
Only we see about the quaters of the deck.
4 quarters full deck, (more 121 cards)
3 quarters about full deck, (121 to 80 cards)
2 quarters half deck , (80 to 40 cards)
1 quarters near the end ( 40 to 1)
0 quarters empty deck.
The remaining deck counter change the quarters with this logic.
This idea I copied from an Ian Clarence’s module to which I say Thank You.
I tryed to reply in this module, and I hope in right mode.