Up Front - Malfunctioning Weapon Numbers Incorrect?

Thanks so much for the work that went into making this module. I’ve really been enjoying it.

I was just exploring the rules around malfunctioning weapons and came across this circumstance…

When you right click on a soldier: > Weapon Status> Malfunction some text is overlaid on the card, giving useful information.

However, I think some of the information might be incorrect. For example, on a US soldier the Repair value states 0-6 and the Broken value states 6. I’m assuming it’s a repair on 0-5 and it breaks on 6 (although for some weapons I believe there are values that have no effect, and I can’t be sure that that’s what this means).

Is this an error or am I reading something incorrectly?

Thanks for any clarification! And thanks again for the module.

It should be repair 0,0-6 and remove 6

Thanks, DiploGuy! I think I also wasn’t taking into account the color of the number.