Up Front Modules after 3.4.5 - when drawing cards in Solitaire mode they are now exposed

Is there a way for the cards to be left hidden when drawing from the deck like in 3.4.5?

3.4.8 and 3.4.7 the cards are automatically FACE UP so make it difficult to not be influenced by the exposed cards.

You might want to try the latest version (3.6.14) before asking for bug fixes…

I think those are module version numbers, not Vassal version numbers.

Whoops, right, that makes more sense! LOL

OK. My first post - forgot to mention the Vassal version and the Up Front Modules clearly.

I am running Vassal 3.6.14 ((latest version) and yes they are Up Front Module queries, not Vassal per se.

I am playing Up Front solitaire so have access to both players hands but need to have the “Defensive player” having their cards unseen when it is “my turn” until the need to flip them.

I noticed in several videos on YouTube that the newly drawn cards into the players hand(s) always turned up face down, like in the RPC and RNC areas and you have to flip them to see what is on them. This adds an element of uncertainty in the refilled hand. However, I installed the latest Up Front 3.4.8 module and unfortunately the newly drawn cards in the hand are face up. The RPC/RNC cards are still drawn face down. This is as per solitaire rules I have and is as I expect.
There does not seem to be an option to change this behaviour. I decided to look at earlier versions and discovered that 3.4.5 (now deprecated apparently) works as expected. Later version, 3.4.7 (3.4.6 does not seem to be listed) also makes the cards face up when drawn.

I have a work around where I place the freshly drawn cards on the “virtual table top” and then place them into the hand when I need to see the whole hand.

It’s not a big deal but if anyone who has used/updated these modules could see if there is a way to either revert to the prior way where ALL DRAWN CARDS are face down or an option to change it, then that would be appreciated.


If you log in to the wiki (the head-and-shoulders icon in the top-right, same username and password as the forums), then you can see the module maintainer’s e-mail address. Your best bet would be to contact them (tmccarron) directly, as they may not monitor the forums.

Great. Thanks for your help.