Up Front

I’d like to play Up Front using VASSAL. I prefer the module with the original artwork (3.4).

Because Up Front is a highly interactive game, I think it is best to play online with Skype rather than PBEM.

I live in Canberra, Australia (UTC +10 hours). It is difficult to schedule online games with opponents in Europe but other time zones are OK.

Hi. This is Mike in Oregon USA. I love Up Front. I spent days playing with my college roommate back in the late 80’s. We just started a Vassal PBEM game and it’s going smoothly. I haven’t played live, yet, but would be happy to. Mike

Hi! I don’t know if the person from Canberra is still looking to play (he posted back in 2010), but, Mike, I can play on occasion. Unfortunately at this point I cannot commit to a regular schedule, but I can certainly play now and then. Let me know at my email,
rocklet at gmail dot com.