Update - A Game of Thrones & Dance with Dragons

Version 1.42 of A Game of Thrones has been released.

Updates to this version include:

* Included Dance with Dragons expansion cards

* Special menu for "Rodrick the Reader" card (Greyjoy - Dance with Dragons expansion ) with instructions on how to play it

* Spanish & English version are compatible each other. Only in-game images (cards, board and space) are translated. Console messages and text strings remains in English. Note: To prevent image filtering issues it is not recommended to load the two versions at the same time in Vassal

* New images for unit pieces, more realistic

* Changed play space: new bid zone, added background, re-distributes elements and card positions

* Random house selection in a separate window

* Corrected zoom in Wilding cards

* "Discard" command in Wildings cards now sends cards to bottom of the deck