Update - Commands & Colors Ancients v4.2


Commands & Colors: Ancients module version 4.2 is now available for download.

The update brings more scenarios and new gameplay features.

What’s New ?

100+ pre-set scenarios added.
New and improved Help resources and player aids.
Toolbar and hotkey controls expanded, including one touch end turn and combat commands.
Draw and End Turn actions can be completed by either side, aiding PBEM.
Click on blocks to order and mark for combat.
On screen player tags and command size display.
Several features can be tailored to personal preference.
Block command menus de-cluttered once a game starts.
CDG Solo System (join a game as Solitaire).
See release notes for more.

Getting started, key points


  1. Player 1 and Player 2 sides are now associated with the top and bottom of the board respectively.
  2. “FG” roles are for multiplayer Epic games, allowing all players to use combat shortcuts. Section names in FG roles have no effect on game play.
  3. To quickly review the new features see the list of module hotkeys from the Help menu and hover over buttons to see a tooltip describing its function. Also review your settings in Preferences…Game Options.
  4. The Epic format tracks card play to the section slots. For best results, use the right-click context menu to play a card and Undo (Ctrl+Z) to make a correction.

The module is considerably larger than previous versions due to more scenarios and functionality. Log files are typically 500Kb+ in size which may be a consideration if saving many log files on a free cloud service. The basics of game play will be familiar to users of earlier versions and the module’s Help menu includes further guidance.

Not backward compatible with earlier versions, except for reading v4 log files and watching games.
Requires Vassal v3.6.7 or later.
Block view preference (Icons or Number) will not persist until Vassal v3.6.8.

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Wow, very nice improvements. Lots of ease-of-use features and good organization of options.

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