Update - Commands & Colors: Napoleonics v4.1.0


The Vassal module for standard-sized Commands & Colors:Napoleonics has been updated to v4.1 and is now available for download.

Summary of changes

  • Brings v4 module into line with Vassal v3.6.
  • Tactician Card dealt to opponent given correct ownership (Elan).
  • Random discard tool added to hand windows.
  • Version protection (advisory banner displays for users of major versions other than v4.1).
  • Minor bug/usability fixes.
  • Scenario fixes and two added (PS02/PS03)

Full change log in files section.

Version 4.1 is not backwards compatible. Users of Version 4 are recommended to update and to ensure that any opponent is using the same version of the module.

Vassal v3.6.5 minimum required.