Update - Commands & Colors: Napoleonics

Version 4 of the Commands & Colors: Napoleonics module is now available for download.

The new version is intended to operate in ways familiar to v3.4 users whilst bringing convenience features that are easy to get familiar with, supported by a tutorial and full release notes. Immediately visible new features include the Toolbar - revamped in the style of other C&C modules, self-organising hand windows, re-worked combat markers and use of icons in the chat log for dice results and other information.

New features include:

* Simplified game set-up.
* Game clock option
* Game Counter stacks/stores visible on one side or other of the main board. To add counter, click on the counter store before game start or drag a counter from the Markers palette.
* Initial card draw can be done from buttons in the hand window, and the hand window is self-organising.
* On turn indication. The module uses colour to indicate the current on-turn side; tracking starts from the first card played.
* Side icons also display Command size and the number of Tactician Cards held.
* Extensive reporting to chat, generally accompanied with suitable icons so chat history can be readily navigated.
* A set of End Turn buttons in each hand window serve as reminder and automate all end turn card draws except for First Strike replacement and empty deck checking.
* Dice are rolled directly from the main toolbar. Dice icons appear in chat. The dice tray is now optional (hotkey F3).
*Optional Clickable actions are enabled by default e.g. ordering pieces or marking combats, playing or discarding a card or playing a counter. In general, these operate for the side expected to take the action but right-click commands are always available.
* Leader pieces display most commands that an underlying Unit or Garrison requires. Easing use of Attached Leaders.
* Upgraded combat markers
* Main combat markers remain as independent and are now functional pieces; providing commands to apply multiple hits or for target marker to be used to Rally multiple blocks. Other status markers are embedded with the pieces, as pioneered by C&C Ancients.
* Combats can be marked up by moving the Attacker and Target markers onto pieces, by clicking on the pieces or by using the traditional right-click commands. A pair of markers are provided to the right of the main board, for player convenience.
* To accommodate Combined Arms and Grand Battery there is a new command "Add to Attack" [Alt+A] that appears on ordered Artillery units when an Attack has been declared elsewhere.
* An array of Hotkeys are available to speed combat commands and other operations. Combat hotkeys operate on the board without the Attacker or Target piece being selected.
* Used attacker pieces & supporting artillery will automatically be set to "no battle" once a new attack is formed. If a new attacker marker has been placed, the old one will be removed.
* Square actions can be achieved simply by pressing the square button (in hand) or playing a Battalion Mass counter or "Hasty Square", as appropriate. The square Marker or counter is automatically assigned to the target infantry unit.
* Clickable dice that appear for Leader Checks, Leader Unit Reform and the Guerrilla Action counter. The normal dice button works transparently with these also. In both cases, results are applied automatically.
* Victory Banner Track. On your side (or Solitaire), click on a track space to add a banner; click on a banner to remove it. Right-click option also available.
* Eliminated pieces automatically move to the Victory Banner track; a Square card will automatically be returned.
* Scenario set up: Victory Banner track configures by a single click or command on the piece representing the scenario banner target.
* One stop shop: most custom scenarios from the v3 extension are now incorporated into the main module (using standard C&C component graphics)
* Unofficial Leaders of Honor for custom scenarios, imported from the v3.4 fan extension.
* Help menu is populated with many useful links and information.
* Player Aids have been reviewed and updated with corrections, along with an updated Shortcuts page. F1 will show or hide the Player Aids.
* Optional features can be disabled or enabled from the Preferences, Game Options panel, and some invoked from the Game Options toolbar menu (for the current game only).
* Sound is used to provide indication of actions taken. Sound can be disabled in Vassal on a module-by-module basis, on the Preferences...Sounds panel.
* Lost block counts (hotkey F10)
* Optional "Hints" feature displays unit and terrain information when the mouse is hovered over a piece. If disabled (in Preferences, Game Options), only the underlying terrain and any name leader is displayed.

This version is not backwards compatible.

Please advise any issues via the Vassal Module Support forum or the Fan forum