Update - Conquest of the Empire v4.0

Conquest of the Empire v4.0 is now available for download. The new version includes these improvements:

-Updated for Vassal 3.2
-Newly redrawn maps and improved graphics
-New, reorganized toolbar
-Easier to use Conquer command
-More sounds for in-game events

In addition, the Conquest of the Empire: Imperator extension has been updated. Version 4.0 now includes:

-New map and toolbar
-Imperator logo on board
-New Fate Cards: Jealous Rage, Et tu Brute, Blockade, Bad Omens, Pax Romana
-New Tactics Cards: Cavalry Charge, Hold the Line, Spy Network, Siege Engineers, Encirclement, Testudo
-Play Immediately Tactics cards removed or converted to Fate cards
-Clarifications to existing rules and card text
-If destroyed, Capitol Cities may not be replaced.
-Galleys for each color now limited to 6.