Update: GBoH Interactive Map v1.3

Version 1.3 of the GBoH Interactive Map is now available. This module is not a game, but a database of the entire GBoH scenario library visible on the map of Europe and Asia. Module has a smaller memory footprint so the map can zoom in more without crashing the module. Also updated to include all of the scenarios from the latest C3i volumes and the Great Battles of Caesar Deluxe Edition game box.

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Thanks for this amazing resource! I’m getting errors on some of the Campaign or Era options, but not all. looks like this for first punic war chosen for instance:

  • GBoH Interactive Map version 1.3
  • Bad Data in Module: Source: {Battle_Level==1&&campaign1pw!=1pw} Error: Expression evaluation error. Turn on the Audit Trail preference to generate more details in the errorlog.

using VASSAL 3.6.7

Thanks for checking the GBoH Interactive Map out! I will look at the errors to see what’s not connecting there. Hopefully it is a simple fix.

Based on the error, it looks like you need quotation marks " around 1pw (i.e., it should be campaign1pw != "1pw"); as written, it’s comparing the value of the property compaign1pw against the value of the property 1pw, not the literal string 1pw. The Audit Trail should give a more detailed error, if you need it.

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Thanks! That will save me some time. I probably was on my millionth instance of typing it at that point.

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