Update - Lincoln's War v2014a

Release notes for Lincoln's War v2014a, 24FEB2014

- CSA cards going to Battle Board were ending up in the Union boxes, fixed

- Some keyboard commands using Shift+ caused gremlins, so all Shift+ keyboard commands have been removed.

NOTE: players using keyboard commands will not be able to do so until I find a proper solution. The mouse is, of course, still usable.

- A suggestion was made to have round CSP counters of another colour, done

- Fixed an issue with Sherman who would not promote. Some others were reported but could not be duplicated.

- All scenario setups are included, as well as a bare-bones start setup. Players should still go through the setups in the Playbook to ensure all conditions are met.

- Where feasible, identified cards, counters and markers were placed in hands, on the map or if their placement was up to the player, near that side's draw deck.

- Scenario 4 (Lee's 2nd Invasion) has all the listed cards (errata taken into account) already in the hands. Follow the selection procedure as outlined in the Playbook. Unusable CSP cards are masked.

- Scenario 5 (Confederate High Water Mark) Union fleet selection and PC status are not done. There were too many variables. The union player will have to decide and act accordingly. CSN and Cruiser reinforcements are located on the turn track.