Update - Memoir '44 v10.12 "Khalkhin-Gol"

The Memoir ’44 module has been updated to version 10.12. 793 pre-defined scenarios included at time of writing. Everything you need to play any official and SFTF scenario.

What's new:
* New scenarios added
* Added No Surrender! scenarios (incl. OverThrough)
* Added new multi-map boards for No Surrender!
* Added Dutch Open 2016 scenarios
* Added VE Day scenarios
* Scenario fixes
* Larger scenario preview images
* Added Operation Tempest scenarios and campaign
* Added all components to play scenarios from the Khalkhin-Gol Battle Map expansion
* Moved Combat Card decks from the table into a separate window
* Added the name of each compendium card to the compendium card list
* Added new compendium cards for Armored Car, Tankettes, Jungle Fighters, Deep Frozen Rivers (Dutch Open), Molotov Cocktails, Molotov (Dutch Open)
* Added the new Armored Car and Tankette unit types and badges
* Added a few terrain tiles
* Small modifications and additions to the custom Java code (now on GitHub)
* Added Molotov Cocktails to units and to markers