Update - Memoir '44 v10.7 & Extensions

Many months in the making, version 10.7 of the Memoir '44 module has arrived. All players should update the module and extensions.

329 scenarios included at time of writing.

What's new:

* Includes new components and unit types from Campaign Book Vol. 2

* Includes new unit types from the Equipment Pack (Compendium card placeholders until expansion arrives)

* Mines are now pre-setup on the board and randomize themselves

* Overlord boards now have Field General Initiative dice

* Added new unit type graphics for Combat Engineers, Snipers, Heavy Tank, Ski Troops, Cavalry, Command Cars

* Added "On The Move" indicator to units (CTRL J)

* Bridges can now be blown up and repaired with right-click commands (CTRL B, CTRL R)

* The retreat flag is now attached to the units (CTRL Q). When you move a unit with a retreat flag it is not ordered

* Can now place Crosshairs directly from units (CTRL S)

* Can now place Smoke directly from units (CTRL K)

* Updated the Unit and Badges Reference in the Help menu

* Scenario Chooser now has a Pick Random Scenario button

* No more Night Chart window, the Night Chart is now created from the USE Night Chart setup piece

* Compendium cards have now been incorporated into the Module, making them standard for all to use

* Compendium cards can now be minimized to a small card icon

* The shortcut keys legend now has 3 tabs with useful commands

* Added more preset unit/badge combinations in the Units window

* More flexible Combat Decks setup

* The Charts window includes tabs with overviews for all cards in the game

* Added a type indicator for the Hobart's Funnies; Bridges can be deployed directly from the unit if type is Bridge; can keep track of Mine Digger use

* Added a Compendium cards drawer underneath each scenario to place Compendium cards

* Camouflage marker is now slightly more visible

* Minor fix to Bridge and Fords layering

* Added Desert Mountain tile

* Fixed a lot of corrupted scenarios from 10.6

* Added hidden alternative shortcut keys for Next/Previous Badge (CTRL-SHFT-U, CTRL-SHFT-I)