Update - The Great War v2.0 Released

The Great War (PSC) v2.0 with Tank expansion now available.

Update includes:

* Complete rebuild.
* Added the Tank expansion components and scenarios.
* Fixed the British medal spots, and moved the spots left a little.
* Reduced the size of the cards, and moved the decks left.
* Reduced the size of the decks panel.
* Added draw card and random discard buttons to the hand windows.
* Bolder and larger labels.
* Bolder and larger scenario title label.
* Added 2 more hand windows so it can be played with 2 teams of 2.
* Moving a unit to a medal spot reduces all its figures automatically.
* Added right-click menu item to remove special figure unit.
* The board can be switched between countryside and war torn.
* Added a tank expansion banner for Tank expansion scenarios.
* Added new combined summary charts for units and terrain.
* Terrain tiles have been updated.
* Moved tiles and units to a floating window.
* Renamed the module from "The Great War" to "CC The Great War" because it conflicted with another game module.
* Added a double-width medal bar so there are medal spots up to 18.