Update - The Longest Day v0.5b33

The WGA upgrade of The Longest Day, version for 0.5b33; major revision, final version of 0.5.

- All units in game set now have unique counter and layer names to enable correct operation of Refresher function and full report of all actions to log/control window (movement, reductions, rebuilding with replacements, movement to secondary maps, etc.).
- Various unit image errors corrected.
- Scenario 1 & 2 files regenerated with this new counter-set.
- Various structural improvements.

Collaborators welcome; presently 8 players on the advisory panel. Vassal module extensions planned to address wish list of various optional capabilities and/or variant counters. Now working on version 0.6 as progressing to a final version 1.0 for efficient campaign play. Scenario 1 and 2 playtest games in progress, on our weekly server play on Vassal/Discord.