Update - Valor & Victory v1.00

The module and extension for Barry Doyle's tactical hex-and-chit WW2 war game, Valor & Victory, have been updated to v1.00.

Changes are extensive and the main module now includes:
Official Waffen SS units
Fallschirmjager units
US Marine units
Official US Paratrooper units
Three new Pacific theatre maps (20, 21, and 22)

The community-driven extension now adds:
US 29th Infantry Div. units
Extensive selection of Japanese AFVs, vehicles, guns and support weapons

Corrections and fixes to the module and extensions include:
Corrected scale of official maps 14 and 15
The Putot-en-bessin and Crossroads maps
A fix to the ownership of CWT30 vehicle to belong to Russians.

Module is produced with permission from author Barry Doyle.