Update - World at War 85 v1.3

Updated all World at War 85 modules, including the Starter Kit, with many corrections and additions, including several suggested by the wargaming community:

  • LOS tool now dims unit counters and markers, rather than making them invisible

  • Added 'Attack' tool that works similar to the LOS tool, indicating which unit is attacking, including 'From' and 'To' hexes

  • Removed visible hex numbering, since the maps have the hex numbers in the artwork; hex numbering still reported

  • Changed FFE marker from sticky to regular marker; FFE marker can now be placed on top of stack

  • Added additional zoom factors to make viewing multi-map configurations possible

  • Added right-click option to 'Add HQ' to all transport and amphibious transport units; also added to WGER Munga 106MM RR units

  • Added right-click option for placing Missile markers on relevant units; cycles through Reloading, Low Ammo, Out of Ammo

  • Added right-click option to Recon units to 'Spot Concealed' units at a distance of 5 hexes

  • Added right-click option to Helo units for 'Nap of the Earth' and 'Landed' markers

  • Added right-click option to all vehicle units to 'Place Wrecks' marker at bottom of stack

  • Added a '6-dice' button to the toolbar

  • Added the Notes window to the toolbar