Updated module: Memoir '44 v10.15

The Memoir '44 module has been updated to version 10.15. Requires VASSAL 3.4.13+. Includes 1,170 scenarios.

10.15: What’s New?

  • Fixed all Supported Armor and Supported Infantry units
  • Added a window and die to play solo using the Stuka Joe method
    • Click on the white circles to automatically draw cards
    • Use the Solo die button in the toolbar to roll a Fate Die result
  • Added buttons in the Axis and Allies hand windows to automatically draw a card
  • Added a right-click “Play Card” command to cards
  • Added several measures to prevent a certain potential way to cheat when drawing cards
  • Renamed the chart tabs
  • Fixed the “Bomb” option on NFP air units which was missing due to a hotkey conflict
  • Fixed the “Bomb” option on NFP air units so you can’t bomb when it’s not legal
  • Fixed faulty NFP card draw values
  • Fixed the card backs on BTL decks that should be (1) but showed (2)
  • Fixed combat markers not being removed from NFP air units on End Turn
  • Fixed the “No Movement” marker not being removed from units on End Turn
  • Fixed compendium card Troops 18 - Half-Tracks not being added to the Help for scenarios with such units
  • Fixed Hobart’s Funnies Deploy Bridge
  • Fixed faulty victory medals in certain scenarios
  • Fixed a problem with the replace card rules tokens not replacing cards correctly
  • Compendium card Actions 24 - Re-Supply is now also added to the Help for scenarios that contain Troops 18
  • Compendium cards can now be Cloned
  • Allied Italian units renamed from “Axis Italian” to “Allied Italian”
  • Air Power Dice rules tokens are not deleted when you select no Air Pack and no NFP
  • Redid the custom Java code of the Scenario window so it won’t crash when selected in the VASSAL editor
  • Added unofficial combat card decks for Countryside and Beach landing, by darthnice
  • The night chart restricts changes to invalid values
  • The No Barrage and Air Power Dice rules tokens can now be right-clicked to discard the applicable card from the draw deck making it easier to remove it from the game
  • Added SWAs Assault Gun (Dutch Open)
  • Added a custom fuel die roller button (Dutch Open)
  • Removed the “desserts” from Actions 9
  • Added a custom Hill with Jungle terrain tile
  • Added new Lake terrain tile
  • Added scenarios for Dutch Open 2019, 2020, 2021
  • Added all Remembrance scenarios published to date