Updated module - Summoner Wars (Second Edition)

Summoner Wars - 2nd Edition

v2.0 changelog

  • vassal 3.6.6 compatibility
  • enabled HTML support chat log
  • refreshed game icons
  • floating box for pieces window
  • redesigned playing board / side board
  • rectangular grid (main board)
  • official website link
  • official online rules link
  • report chat text (current phase)
  • global properties magic blue / red
  • card movement (WASD) Q/E rotate
  • automatic “draw to hand”
  • removed “deck building” deck (load/save can be done directly from “Custom Draw Deck”)
  • faction decks (by now only 4) with predefined setup
  • pre-built armies with starting deploy/setup
  • auto assigne side color on cards/deck
  • discard red/blue
  • damage / boost converted to “Dynamic Properties”
  • added status icons (attacker/ battled / defender)
  • added a toolbar button to clear movement trails and status icons