Updating a module I previously uploaded

I have updated a module which I previously uploaded to Vassal. I was helped to do this by none other than Mr Uckleman and I’d now like to update that module - but I have no idea what to do!

I have seen that I need to edit a Wiki page. I need help on that one, please…

You must be logged into the wiki, first and foremost. When you’re on your module’s page in the wiki, you click the icon in the upper right that looks like a pencil writing in a box to start editing:


Then you edit (or add to) the Files and Information section. At a minimum you’ll want to supply the filename of the updated module, the date, and the VASSAL version compatibility (i.e., what version of VASSAL did you use to edit this update). If the filename of the module on your system is MyModuleUpdate.vmod, you’ll be putting in filename=MyModuleUpdate.vmod as that portion of the table code.

Once you preview your edits, you’ll get the red links for the “hey, this file doesn’t exist” situation because of course you haven’t actually done the upload yet. Follow one of these links–highly recommend opening the link in a new tab/window–and you will get to the upload process. You can also get to the upload page directly–it’s linked on the wiki’s front page.

Thanks, Joel. I’ve done as you instructed (hopefully I got it right). I clicked on “SAVE CHANGES” and was immediately given a notice that my edit had gone for moderation (no red links) so I assume the file got uploaded automatically somehow - or should I not have clicked the save button? If I need to re-visit the operation, please let me know.


There’s no such thing as files automatically uploading themselves. You need to have visited the aforementioned upload page during some point of the process. Its button says “Upload File”, so if you reference having hit “Save Changes” that must have been the save of your edits to the wiki. What you’re intending to do requires completing 2 tasks–edit the wiki, and upload a file (whatever links you put in your wiki edit will not work until the file exists). Sounds like you have the page edits done, at least. Both wiki edits and file uploads go through moderation.

Right (not intuitive, is it?). I will now visit the Upload page via your link and do the business. Hopefully, somerone will know what my upload refers to :wink: .


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