Updating Map in a running game


I have made some improvements to the A World at Wart module.

If I load a savegame with the new module and then I run Tools->Refresh Counters, improvements done to any counter are, in general, applied.

But when it’s about changes in something else (maps, turn counter, etc…) that changes can only be seen in a new game. I have been unable to find a way to have that changes showing up in a running game.

Is there any way to have that changes applied to a running game?


There is a limit to the what the Refresh process can handle when you start to make major change to the module. The ‘Refresh Counters’ process handles counters only and has been extended to handle Decks as well, but it doesn’t go anywhere near other Components.

So unfortunately, no.

Ok. Thanks for the answer. :slight_smile:

My experience is if you make changes to a map or charts images but keep the same file names any saved games or logs will use the new map image if that helps.


Yes, there are certain things you can change within the existing structure, like changing an image or modifying the hex grid size. A saved game will generally go to the component in the module to find how to configure itself. But structural changes like adding a new map are a problem.