Updating pre-defined setups - cancel message - bug?

3.6.3 WIN 64

Just noticed when updating the predefined setups… I get a message that implies an error (maybe)…

Updating Predefined Setup: Tournament Scenario (EE 3.0 Tournament.vsav)
Loading EE 3.0 Tournament.vsav
Load of EE 3.0 Tournament.vsav cancelled
Collecting Counters
(more lines about counters)

Question: Does the “cancel” line imply something went wrong or is does it really mean “completed” (i.e., finished without errors)???

If this implies an error, then more details on what went wrong would be helpful…

If this implies completed without error, then I recommend the syntax be changed from “cancelled” to “completed” (or “finished” or similar).

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Try VASSAL-3.6.4-SNAPSHOT-dac8765-master: Builds of vassalengine/vassal

Is the problem fixed for you?

Yes thanks…

Now it says…

LOADING Blah.vsav
LOADED Blah.vsav

No syntax that implies something went wrong (i.e., the old “cancelled” message)

Thanks for confirming. The fix will appear in 3.6.4.

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