updating translations for 3.1.0

I haven’t finalized the translation keys and their English versions yet, as
doing that depends on the work I’m doing to standardize message dialogs right
now. (I hope to finish that over the weekend.) One piece of welcome news is
that about 20% of the translation keys we have right now aren’t being used in
the current trunk, so I’m going to remove those and save our translators some

That said, once the translation keys are in a stable state, I need to know
who our translators are so that the translation can begin. Right now, we
have translations in German, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, and Dutch.
The only translation for which I can name the translators is the French one
(Michael and soft-bug).

Who are our translators for the others?

I can get my wife to do French and Japanese if need be

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I’ve kept the names of the people who did all those translations, so I can contact them when it’s time.


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