Upload a new mod in a page of the module repository

Hi, I am trying to ad a new module version on the related page in the repository
I do not know how to do
I tried to upload the file and it was, but out of the page where I would to see it.
I did not found a managable instruction.
Can you help?

Hi -

I see that you uploaded a file for Novi 1799 recently.

If you want it to appear on the module page then you need to edit the files section. If you are logged into the wiki (as when you uploaded the file), you will see an Edit button next to the section heading, thus:

If you replace this files section with the following (for example), it will display your update (use Show Preview to test, then submit the change). Then wait for moderation to complete - usually in a day or two at most. Hope this is what you needed.


== Files and Module Information==
{{ModuleVersion2|version= 1.1}}
{{ModuleFile2|filename=Novi 1799 ver1.1.vmod|description=|date=2022-11-22|size=|compatibility= 3.6.7|maintainer=Ambig100||contributors=|}}
{{ModuleVersion2|version= 1.0}}
{{ModuleFile2|filename=Novi 1799.1.0.vmod|description=|date=2022-11-13|size=|compatibility= 3.6|maintainer= magno.andrea@me.com|Andrea Magno|contributors=m.gnagnetti@aciesedizioni.it|Marco Gnagnetti}}

== Change Log ==

v1.1 Upgraded module with minimal aestetic modifications.

Not everyone seems to find it helpful enough to complete the task, but for what it’s worth, here are the instructions for editing a module page.

@ambig100 - you will notice a formatting corruption in the updated version of your module page. I’ve corrected it and the files table should display properly once my change passes through moderation. [update: change is now live]

You will also notice that I uploaded the image off boardgamegeek and edited it into the game page. Hope that’s ok.

Veeeery apreciated. Thanks a lot.

I would add a request, additional … in creating the page, my colleague has input in the “publisher” cathegory “ACIES” … I suspect it is case sensitive because the library under “publisher” is present only “Acies” and under this the Novi page is not present.

Can you help us?


I guess you want to change the category on the game page - it is Acies on BGG. I have done this for you. Wait for moderation to see it.

If you want to edit the game page header in future, you need to login to the wiki and then use the button that looks like this:image