Upload Help


I´ve edited the SPQR Deluxe module, adding the boards & counters for Barbarian extension, the boards from the old 2.5 module version and adding a lot of Setups and new counters. On March 22, I´ve uploaded it as a file (it was the first time that I upload anything) but the module was not in the SPQR vassal module page; sorry for my inexperience but how can I upload to the SPQR page?

This game has not actually a maintainer, also, I don´t know who designed the Deluxe 1.1 version (in order to include him in the credits, since the basis of the module is not mine).

Many thanks in advance


I ginally how to make it. Thanks in any case :wink:

So it sounds like you’ve got it uploaded to the site, which is half the work.

Next you need to go to the Module’s page, and “Edit” that page (like you would a wiki). There will be a top section that links to file entries - these are for earlier versions of the module. Leave those there (only authors are allowed to remove their own content), but add your own entry above them, and link to the filename you gave your new version of the module when you uploaded it (if you can’t remember the filename, you can look at vassalengine.org/wiki/Special:ListFiles or just upload it again). Keep in mind that both file uploads and module page edits are moderated, meaning it could take a day or so before your changes “go live”.