Uploading a new module version?


Sorry, but struggling to work out how to upload a new version of a module on the new site?

How do you do it please?!


What have you tried so far? File upload in the wiki should work as it did before.

There was an ‘upload file’ link before, in a left-hand panel menu?

DoH! Found it…!

Sorry :slight_smile: I like the new look!! :smiley:

Look for the Tools menu in the lower left:


“Upload file” is on that menu if you’re logged in:


(That’s the same menu as was in the left sidebar on the old site, just displayed differently.)

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No “Upload File” option on my system.

CORRECTION: I was only logged in to the Forum section, not the Modules section - idiot!

Are you logged in?

You’re supposed to be automatically logged in to the wiki when you log in to the forum, but I don’t have that working yet.