US Civil War - Newbies

Hi, anyone to play this game? i have played 2 times so, i m still a newbie. I don’t mind the side.


Have long wanted to play it. Care to teach a bit?

Contact me at if you are still looking for an opponent.

thank you, i ll contat you.

maybe you can contact mokbuck , probably he will know more than me :slight_smile:

Hello. Have played once or twice but would love to get a game together Message me if interested.

Would you be ok walking me through a bit? Have the rules but never played

Greetings, everyone! I’ve started reading the rules recently. I like the setting and this type of strategy games. Probably, I will be able to play this game in few days. For live games I’m UTC+3, for PBEM I still need to learn the mechanism.

Contact me at if you are still interested in a PBEM game of USCW.