User name+password retention

Sorry I can’t give more technical details right now, but I have my work computer and browser set to purge all cookies and password and logins when I close the browser.

The browser will provide suggestions for username entries for most sites, but the passwords all have to be manually entered or pasted. I also tend to get “are you human” prompts a lot, and warnings of “new” logins sent to my email every time.

For this discourse site in particular (unlike the other discourse site I use), the username and password gets pre-filled for me.

This probably isn’t desirable behaviour? Not a big deal for me, I don’t really care if someone else using my computer at work can log in to the Vassal forum as me, that’s never going to happen. Just seems odd.

Any idea which forum settings are related to this?

I’ve asked the guy running the other discourse forum that gives the expected results, I’ll let you know if they get back to me.

Apparently he hasn’t changed anything and it’s all default settings there.

So maybe something my end. I’ll try what I can and see if anything makes a difference.