User Preferences - Center on Opponents Move - tool bar button

A feature that I would appreciate is the ability to access the Preference - Center on Opponent’s Move from the game toolbar. This may be difficult but is something that I often do during an online game. I will center on the opponents move while other are playing and turn it off, for the obvious reason, when it is my turn. Having to navigate through the menu is a pain, particularly with the optin in the middle of the list.

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Not sure what you’re asking here.
Centre on opponents move, when on will do just that, and that is what you want to do. Turning it off when it is your move seems irrelevant as you are not your opponent. Just leave it enabled.
Or do mean some sort of global hotkey with a toggle on/off and a button you can press to do that?
Interesting, can a GHK invoke the (in windows) alt F then P then, whatever key would tick/untick the ‘center on opponent’s moves’ box?
Personally, I have no idea whether you can or not. But I did discover that the alt F, T and H keyboard combos do not anything anyway. Even though the F/T/H are ‘underlined’. The keyboard combos work for Vassal module launch window, but not, apparently, the game play menu (the one above the chat area). Also works for the module editor window.

Yes, I know what Center on Opponents move.

When it is on and I it is my turn, whenever an opponent, clicks on the map, then I will jump there. I play many GMT COIN games, and people may be clicking on their stack to separate units, looking at a card on the map. So, I am looking at the map and about to make a move then my view move to where an opponent has looked at the map.

Telling everyone not to touch the map when it is not their turn is not effective.

Agreed. Just trying to narrow down things.
While I have no idea of what is Vassal GHKs are fully capable of, I do suspect that accessing the File/Prefs and tick/untick this one box, may be outside its capability - would be focused on doing stuff within modules, not the top level actions. I have been surprised before though.

I would concur this would be useful, I have had the exact same issues.

To make the problem more general…

The current use case is that a player will do a sequence of activities on the board that their opponent(s) will want to observe.

However another use case, in many games there are periods where simultaneous player activities are occurring and it very detrimental to have the board re-center on each move.

The preference should be retained as the starting behavior when launching a module.

While I stand to be corrected by the Vassal Developers, I do not think that anything from within the game module can be used to affect Vassal outside of the module. One exception could be by the module developer doing some add-on java programming.
That said, I believe there is a solution. Create a macro. Pin said macro to the Windows task bar. Click on that to activate and voila. As the tick box can be toggled off or on, the macro should work as such.
This is one of many sites that discuss this ( How to Create and Record Keyboard Macros in Windows 10 | 11 :keyboard: ( )
Just a thought, but it may help.