Using decks to send to another deck

Greetings. I am trying to setup decks on the left side a very wide map to send units to the other side. Trying to obviate the real hassle of dragging counters from the left side to the right side (wrap around map function would be the best solution). Trouble is they do not work, or even appear to be functional in an y way shape or form. Enabling highlight when empty shows nothing on the screen. Other decks in the game work fine. The only real difference I can see is that the latter are not within a map zone (thus also do not have grid overlay). Is this the real issue? BTW, the game is world in flames by ADG.

Check the deck’s “belongs to board…” property maybe? If it’s set to “any” switch to the actual board, or vice versa… just to see if that clears up something. If it’s not that, I’m not sure how being outside a zone would affect it, but try having it switch places with one of the working decks, just to see what happens to both.

Thanks for the reply. I did try the belong to board, inter alia.

The answer, by much trial and error, is that when adding new decks to a module, these new decks are not added into existing saved games. Loading a new game using new maps have all the new decks included. Altering the new decks after loading the new maps does not change the existing decks. Is this behavior normal with Vassal? When editing a module my experience is that changes are generally ‘interactive’. Such as adding grid numbering, change the font, colour, position in the grid (hex), click on the map and all alterations are updated. Seems to be a ‘problem’ with decks.

In my exp, yeah, most changes to a module don’t show up older saved games, at least involving pieces already in play, etc. I’ve read in these forums about a “saved game updater,” but I personally have no idea what that is or how well it works.