Using piece Global Key Command Questions.

Hello Folks,

When a piece having a MarkerProperty [ Empire = Narn ] executes a GKC with Matching[ Bank=={Empire} ], will the GKC text command reach a() matching unit(s) located on another board (or MapWindow) having a MarkerProperty [ Bank = Narn ]?

I think this works…

However, when I put that GKC into a Prototype Property, the behavior fails. Does the Prototype Property prevent the resolution of finding the other board location in a different Map Window? It does seem to find all matching units from the same Map Window it occupies.

Putting the GKC into a Prototype would allow me to make the Properties in the Prototype generic so that I could copy it to similar units of different nationalities and maintain standardization of behavior.

I want to exhaust the possible methods of making this happen before resorting to crazy implementations of sending self-destructing units that sends the GKC in the MapWindow where the target command text needs to be issued.


If you are trying to send GKC to other map windows, you have to include the window in your property matches: For example

CurrentMap = $(map containing the pieces you want to send the GKC to)$ && Bank = Empire

Also, make sure you got the trait order right (

Does the Window or board property name need the $'s notation? How would I implement a board named “Centauri Forcepool” where I want to use a Marker to substitute the “Centauri” portion, say like CurrentMap == Empire +" Forcepool"

I am finding the new {…} notation and the $…$ for Matching to be quite confusing. Can anyone detail a quick list of rules/ examples for the current methods?



My approach is to have everything in curly braces. When using an expression builder – which is the best way to avoid typos and hard to detect bugs – everything you type in is put in braces, anyway.

As for the Empire Forcepool, you would use CurrentMap = $starname$ + " Forcepool". If it does not work, try $starname$" Forcepool". I’ve had similar problem and the latter approach worked (

No, my mistake. Simply name the map window with no symbols.

The $ is used for variables and you would use them if you’re looking for a variable value.

For example, lets say your player sides are name Player1, Player2, etc. and each player has their own map window with each called Player1_Hand, Player2_Hand, etc. If you wanted to direct a GKC to the map window named for the player who initiated the action, you would use:

CurrentMap = $PlayerSide$_Hand