Using Replace with Other Trait

Just started to use the Replace with Other Trait. I have a lot of units that will be using this trait. World in Flames has ground units that have an upgrade option for the stronger heavy weapons replacement. Using the replace with other would save players having to delve into other pop-up windows to upgrade a unit.
In the 3 modules I have, game pieces/counters are divided with the following hierarchical directory structure - Counters/Countries (China, CW, Fance, etc)/Basic unit type (land, air, naval, markers)/specific unit type (arm, gar, inf, etc).
For each replace with other trait to get the correct existing HW counter one has to click on each of directories to get to the required unit. This has to be done for each replace with other trait. That is a lot of clicking and time.
What would be really great is if vassal remembered where it was for the previous replace with other so that that directory opens. Obviously this can only be a per open session event. Also, selection of the required HW unit should also use the double click to select (as well as the click to select and then click on OK).
Appreciate if this may be an unlikely candidate with the focus shifting to Ver 4, but hey why not put the suggestion out there. Who knows I might get lucky :slight_smile: