v.3.5.3 - console commands & multiplayer

What are the criteria that v3.5.3 uses to determine that a game is multi-player and therefore not allow console commands ?

Does the game have to have one or no sides ?

I ask because any game I try to use console commands in just gets the message :

  • Console commands not allowed in multiplayer games. (html formatting issue also)


I believe the criteria are:
(1) If the game is or has ever been connected to the multiplayer server
(2) If there has ever been more than one player in the game
(3) If more than one “side” has ever been taken.

Or approximately that.


Hmm…Point (3) especially will rule out a lot of preset scenarios created without console commands in mind but now I’ve got somethnig to work with. Thanks.

I may not exactly have it right on point 3, since I tried starting a clean game and switching sides a few times and that was fine.

So I think b is: If more than one side has ever simultaneously been taken.[/b]

But one other thing – if any of those cases have ever been true for a SESSION of Vassal (a single instance of the Player window), then it will EVER AFTER be true in that window (even if you “Close Game” or load a completely different save, or whatever). So be sure to make your scenario presets from a “clean start”, but it’s okay to switch sides a few times while making the scenario.

Also if you have an existing preset scenario that you think MIGHT work, be sure to try loading it in from a “clean start”, and then try a console command and see if you’re okay.