v3.3.3-beta - side effect of pieces update?

I have noticed that a button stopped functioning in the module that I am working on (even in v3.3.2), after it went through the v3.3.3 “update” procedure to do with fixing game piece IDs.

The button is one that gets created by a “Place Marker” trait from an earlier action. I suspect that it is to do with the Piece ID update procedure.

Maybe needs a mention in Release Notes, if not an actual fix.

On further investigation, both non-functioning actions are triggered by Global Hotkeys.

For example,

[attachment=0]Global Hotkey.jpg[/attachment]

More info on this problem.

Under Vassal v3.3.3, the actions perform normally when the module has not yet been edited and therefore hasn’t yet run through the piece ID correction routine.

This could have no possible effect on your module or games unless you choose to refresh the counters in a game. The update of the module does not change anything that is used during game play. What makes you think the GPID update is the cause? I suspect it is another one of the 3.3.3 changes that is causing the problem.

Hi Brent -

On refection, the main thing that made me think it was the GPID Update was that I tried using the GPID-updated module under v3.3.2 and saw the issue there. If that is all it was then I can understand if expecting the module to work under v3.3.2 is unreasonable. I think I need to wait for PR #161 to be available on top of v3.3.3/beta1 and then re-try. I have to work around the PR #161 issue in order to proceed with my v3.3.3 testing and it could be that I got confused in the process.

Meanwhile please can I ask… when Module developers use Refresh Counters to update pre-saved scenarios from one version of a module to the next, isn’t this the same as “during game play”? Are you saying that this might be impacted by the GPID update or am I reading too much into your point?




Could I just confirm that you are saying:

  1. Using the module saved under 3.3.2 with Vassal 3.3.3 does not show the problem,

  2. Editing and saving the module under v3.3.3, then opening an existing save game WITHOUT using Tools->Refresh Counters does exhibit the problem.

This would be extremely concerning since the PlaceMarker trait does NOT use GPID’s when creating a Marker. GPID’s are ONLY used by tools → Refresh Pieces.

If the problem is only occurring when you then use Tools → Refresh Pieces after updating the module to v3.3.3, then I can understand it. There is potential that ‘fixing’ the broken GPID allocations in the module will cause the Refresh process to behave differently. I will have to think on this. Where there where duplicate GPID’s in the module, one was ‘hiding’ the presence of the other. I may be re-allocating the wrong one. I will need to check how that works.

Could you please post the list of GPID update comments that are reported when you load the module with v3.3.3?


Hi Mark,
Hi Have just read your first email properly and noted that the problem started in version 3.3.2. The GameRefresher change I thought might be causing the problem wasn’t included until 3.3.3-beta1.

Can you confirm whether the problem only occurs after actually performing the Tools → Refresh counters option manually, or does the problem appear as soon as you start using 3.3.2?

I may need to have a look at the module.


Hi Brent,

I’ve picked up a v3.3.4 snapshot that includes PR61, so I can progress a bit further. I will do some more testing to identify a reproducible set of steps.

To clarify so far; the problem occurs in VASSAL-3.3.4-SNAPSHOT-ca71fc10d and it occurs in a module that was saved under v3.3.1-beta1 (or later) when that module is opened under v3.3.2. I will next what happens if I don’t edit the module before running the module under v3.3.4.


I am having trouble reproducing this one.

Yesterday I tried VASSAL-3.3.4-SNAPSHOT-3082d1ffb-macosx and was unable to reproduce the problem with these steps:

  1. Load up CCN module in editor; GPID routine runs…
  • Place/Replace trait Place Marker - Command Counter GPID updated from to 3772

  • Place/Replace trait Place Marker - Enable Mother Russia GPID updated from to 3773

  • Place/Replace trait Place Marker - Enable & Initialise Battalion Mass GPID updated from to 3774

  • Place/Replace trait Place Marker - Garrison GPID updated from to 3775

  • start a game, play card; set up a combat, roll dice. All works whereas before dice buttons didn’t work.

  1. refresh counters, repeat combat/dice. Still works.

  2. close game. re-open module, refresh and repeat test 1. Still OK.

This was so for both my more recent edit of the module and for the original one that I found the problem with.

I went back to previous snapshot VASSAL-3.3.4-SNAPSHOT-ca71fc10d and it also did not reproduce with my latest version of C&C nap, but it does still occur with the version that I originally found the problem with. I don’t think I have changed anything significant so maybe I didn’t do the exact same steps as before.

I will spend some more time in this later today.

As mentioned in another thread, working more with v3.3.3 builds, I have happened across a more concrete symptom that would explain why a module used under v3.3.3 might exhibit the same problem when subsequently used under v3.3.2. The Buildfile is getting corrupted, but not necessarily by the Game Piece Refresher. I have opened a new thread here.