v3.3.3-beta1 - html global options (minor)

In the module editor, as instructed in the features document, one can set html in chat for the module.

The default is to allow the user to set the preference. However, this option is not available in the Preferences panels.
I think this default should be removed and the new default should be “Never” for backwards compatibility (I guess).

There’s probably a bug where it doesn’t make the preference right away when it “starts” with prompt. We can look into that.

I’ve put up a new PR (213) that I believe fixes this.

In the latest build, I notice that the chat windows preferences includes duplicate entries for “Enable HTML Support in Chat Log” (top and bottom of the preferences pane). Aside from that…

I have done a bit of work with the HTML functionality already and I am not convinced that it is appropriate for “Enable HTML…” to be a user option. Surely, at Vassal-level HTML ability is module dependent not user dependent? In which case, the global option, with a default of “OFF” deals with the issue, doesn’t it?

Once a module is able to output HTML then the module writer needs to be know that the players will all receive that output correctly formatted. If players are able to set HTML independently of the module writer and of each other, then what does this actually achieve ?

If a module is to provide both HTML and non-HTML “modes” then the module writer will need to provide an option setting between HTML and non-HTML output. Moreover, the module writer has to come up with a way of ensuring all players use the same mode - because each player gets the output from all players’ actions, so even here it cannot be a player-level setting, it has to be a module-level setting.

Have I missed something about this option?


I think you’re probably right. I didn’t want to have to rewrite several layers of classes just to make a pulldown that only included “on” and “off”, but defaulting the enable to full “off” is probably correct (although right now it defaults to user preference and then the user preference defaults to off, so it’s still “safe” – but I agree why bother confusing people).