v3.4.9 (pre-release) - issue with text label refresh

Installed the pre-release of Vassal v3.4.9;

Running a module that include Text labels that uses dynamic / calculated properties in the Text field; Refresh Counters now clears these label type to blank out the texts, breaking this part of the module.

CCN Dev module (here)
Load first base game scenario B001 - Rolica.
It appears with Army names “British” and “French” top and bottom.
Refresh and the names disappear.
Another label type deeper into the module shows a similar loss of function.

I suspect there is an issue with this item in v3.4.9:
“13539: Game Refresher resets Labels to editor setting if any of the Text Label attributes (e.g., text color) have changed”


We’re looking into it now.

We’ve withdrawn that change, so it won’t be in 3.4.9 as released. There will be a different fix in whatever the release after 3.4.9 is (probably 3.5.0-beta1).

Following our earlier discussions on Label and refresh I had made a fix that turned out to be insufficient. We had forgotten to exclude it fom 3.4.9.

A more consistent fix is in development for version 3.5.0.
I have refreshed B001 with that fix and saved the game in file CCN v4-0a36 B001 Refreshed.vsav here (dropbox.com/s/5qrp7inm2rtrt … .vsav?dl=0).
Can you check if the labels are correct ?


HI Claudio -

I loaded the refreshed save file into the module under Vassal v3.4.8. It looks fine - both the Army name labels and the combat status text label that I was referring to.


Sorry if this is the wrong place to mention it, but I’ve run into a bug very much like this one with a homebrew Federation and Empire module in v3.5.8.

Tools > Refresh Counters has wiped out about 80% of my text labels that use calculated or dynamic properties to display values. Oddly, a modest number of them seem to have survived, with no obvious pattern as to why.

Did the bug sneak back in?

Did you change any of the text label settings before the refresh? Which ones?

Did you select the checkbox for text labels?