v3.5.1.5 hotkeys that shouldn't affect all windows

One thing I’ve noticed - it may be due to recent changes - is that a hotkey to increase or decrease zoom will affect all open windows.

I don’t think this is desirable behaviour. In my immediate case the best solution is to for me to disable the hotkeys except for the main window in preference to unique hotkeys per window for what is a generic function.

What do people think?

Okay I assume you’ve turned on the new “Global Hotkeys on hidden windows” setting, and that if you have that turned off the behavior doesn’t happen?

I’m guessing that would be the recent change most likely to cause that situation. The trick then becomes figuring out what we want to be the case. Only Global Hotkeys being passed by traits? (As opposed to passing keystrokes that actually get pressed?) Or only “Named Keystroke” hotkeys as opposed to “actual keystrokes”?


I see the same behavior. If I use the same zoom keys in different windows, then all open windows zoom in or out together. I had to remove all the zoom keys.

I know nothing about a new setting, and I couldn’t fine it either (3.5.5), so I did not (and could not) enable or disable it.

I see, so this behavior isn’t some new result of the 3.6 feature(s).

Is this something that has just been the case e.g. for quite some time as opposed to something that changed relatively recently? That definitely affects my thinking about how to best address it.


It’s not v3.6; my title didn’t help, quoting a non-existent version. I meant, v3.5.5

It seems new to me. Previously I recall a different kind of problem - whereby GHK got ignored when defined on the same key in more than one place. That’s been fixed (resolving, to my mind, more significant issues). However, I think it’s uncovered another class of hotkey use that would rather a window treated its hotkey as “local” to that window.

e.g. v3.4.13 shows the behaviour where the zoom HotKey - defined in two windows (main and a hand window) works in only one. It started out working for the hand window only when I added it, but then reverted to the main window only after I went back into the editor. Never both at once.

I believe we fixed this in 3.5.6.