V3.5.1 Does Not Stack units not showing up in Mouse-Over

This has been a problem in previous versions, hoping it would be OK in 3.5.x

I can’t get counters with the Does Not Stack trait to show up in Mouse-Over, no matter what properties I select in the Mouse-Over Stack Viewer
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Thanks for the report. Issue vassalengine.org/tracker/sho … i?id=14127 has been opened.


In your Mouse-over Stack Viewer setup, can you please confirm you have checked the three boxes

  • Include non-stacking pieces?
  • Include move-when-selected pieces?
  • Include non-movable pieces?

These options control the inclusion of the different type of pieces that can be created by the ‘Does Not Stack’ trait.

If all three of these are checked and you still have the problem, could you please post a link to you module and I will investigate further.


Ah, just scrolled down and saw your settings. Thanks for including those. I can see you have the boxes checked.

Are you also using Game Piece Layers and are assigning this piece via the ‘marker No Mask’ prototype to a Game Piece Layer other than the top-most?

What happens of you change the ‘Include Individual Pieces’ drop-down from ‘top-most layer only’ to ‘from all layers’?

if that still doesn’t work, please post a link to your module and also a save game showing the issue.

I just stumbled on this, or a similar, issue myself: it seems that “Include move-when-selected pieces?” has some problems.

I have a map with no Game Piece Layers defined, for the time being, and a piece placed on it with an at-start-stack. This piece has a Does Not Stack trait set to normally-never-never. Therefore, this piece will never move (or be band selectable).

The mouse over stack viewer has “Include non-stacking pieces?” and “Include non-movable pieces?” both checked. However, if the “Include move-when-selected pieces?” is left unchecked the mouse over won’t display.

Tested with both 3.4.13 and 3.5.4.

P.S. The mouse-over is set to show even with 0 pieces in the stack (not sure what that means, though) and “from all layers”, just to be sure.

If you have a map where every space has a name (e.g. city names) and you define a region for each one, and if you set mouseover to 0 pieces and set it to show location name, then when you mouse over any space (empty or not), mouseover will show you a (usually bigger and bolder) print of the location name. I found this to be very useful in map boards with tiny text.

Thanks, pretty nice, hadn’t thought of that.

Barbanera – I have fixed the bug you described above, as fix 14336 (it was improperly excluding immovable pieces when include move-when-selected was unchecked)

wargamerx - could you please post a link to the module you’re having a problem with? (one thing to try is to change the setting from “include top-most layer only” to all layers, and see if the stuff starts showing up? That seems like the most-likely issue here, as in my own PoG module I have all sorts of does-not-stack units showing up in my stack viewers)


Thus spake Cattlesquat:

Barbanera – I have fixed the bug you described above, as fix 14336 (it
was improperly excluding immovable pieces when include
move-when-selected was unchecked)

Try build 7bb53d9 once it shows up on the builds page:


That has the fix for 14336.


Nice, thanks

@wargamerx21 Can I check if you are still having this problem? If so, please let us know the answers to Brent’s questions in his second message? And/or post a copy of the module so we can check it out?