v3.5.5 - bsh.InterpreterError: Unimplemented binary String..

I’ve noticed a bunch of errors headed by “bsh.InterpreterError: Unimplemented binary String operator” that get logged to the Vassal error log immediately after starting a particular module that I am working on.

It looks like it started happening around the time that I replaced the complex Expressions used for some Restricted Command traits with single Calculated Properties equating to a boolean value. Before I was getting spurious module data errors, generated from the RC expressions; ones that used Count(). My fix (doing the calculation in a Calculated Property and using that as the expression) stopped the module errors but I wonder if it is resulting in the errors in the log - and whether that actually matters or not. Log file attached.

Module that generates the errors:
dropbox.com/s/k69djlxubn7wr … .vmod?dl=0

I checked with a post-3.6.0-beta1 test build and I think this is no longer an issue. I don’t see any errors when I load this module.

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I agree. @Brent_Easton tracked down an issue to Layer expressions being evaluated in the palette, where many such calculations would be invalid. He disabled expression error checking in the palette which has resolved the issue from my viewpoint.