v3.5.5 - chess clocks online; sync issues

With a two player module; I’ve experienced a couple of online glitches in my early use:

Case A:

  1. Game started by Player 1 in role. Clock started for one of the proper PlayerSides.
    Not online a this point.
  2. Player 2 connects online
  3. Player 1 goes online and creates a room for the already started game
  4. Player 2 connects. I noticed that Player 2’s clocks were stopped and a zero whilst the running clock on Player 1’s session was at the expected (and increasing) time.

Case B (more straightforward, and repeatable):-

  1. An online game has a running clock and 2 players connected
  2. A player closes their instance of the game and rejoins or resyncs
  3. The clock on the resync’d instance updates to show the same time as the other player but both clocks are now stopped.