v3.5.5: Mouse-Over and the Hand Window

Mouse-over displays an entire stack (unless filtered); but I can’t come up with a way to filter the view based on whether the mouse is hovering over a specific piece in the stack. I imagine that normally this is a nonsense thing to want but the exception may be the hand window … or indeed, any stack that is laid out the way the rows in a hand window are.

My problem is that the mouse-over displays all the cards in a row (ie stack). In consequence, this is (a) confusing for the user and, worse, (b) cards that are right-most in the view will likely end up out of sight beyond the window boundary.

If this is a bug, it is long-standing but maybe just got forgotten when hand-windows were first developed.

I thought that users might be ok just to zoom the window but early feedback already captured that I’d disabled mouse-over… so have I missed a way to just disable the card I am pointing at or is this a bug/lack of feature that might be fixed ?

Example of mouse-over with 6 cards in hand, hovered over card 6:
[attachment=0]hand window 6 cards mouse-over.jpg[/attachment]


Logged as bug 14476.

PR 941 (test build 14477) has a fix.

Ironically we were both filling out the bug form at the same time, apparently :slight_smile:

Thank you!

This is fixed in VASSAL-3.5.6-SNAPSHOT-90f90fc or later: vassalengine.org/builds/

Yes, works for me as expected. Thank you.