v3.5.5 pre-dev

Latest builds seem to be putting up a file save dialog in response to Alt+W (on Mac)

Is this a new thing ?

If it is a hotkey for Close Game, the appropriate Mac key would be Cmd+W.

I don’t recognize that as an intentional change. When did it start?

Something odd is going on; I get this as far back as 3.2.17 and, I guess, earlier but I think I would have spotted this before as I’ve been using Alt+W as a hotkey for a while.

It affects any module - new and old - and the dialogue is specifically the open a log file dialog. Once the dialog is open, Alt+W does nothing.

The BasicLogger is hard-coded to define Alt+W as a “start a log file” hotkey:

(And I’m guessing based on your report of 3.2.17, that it “always has been”)

final KeyStrokeListener newLogKeyListener = new KeyStrokeListener(newLogAction, KeyStroke.getKeyStroke(KeyEvent.VK_W, InputEvent.ALT_DOWN_MASK));

Of course why you don’t see it any other time… I don’t know! (Of course once you’re already writing a log it of course wouldn’t do anything)

Thanks Brian, mystery solved.
It must be just because I started using Alt+W as a module shortcut that I noticed it, but somehow not right away. Log file already open maybe.

Might be worth that shortcut getting a mention in the File… drop down menu.