v3.5.5 spurious spacing in html chat

Sometimes, html chat line will include a spurious tab or spaces that subsequently clear when a new line of input is received.
This seems to happens with report lines that include the tag.

Example below shows appearance of the spurious spacing in the “Allies Turn” line, before and after a new line of input…

[attachment=0]chat spurious tab.jpg[/attachment]

Mostly we’re just dumping the line straight into Java Swing’s HTML auto-magic-parser thing. (Which is a fairly old and rudimentary version of HTML unfortunately).

Out of curiousity, what was the true original text of that “Allies Turn” line?


<img src="Wellington by Goya size60.jpg" width=19.8 height=22> <font color=#d20001><b>*** Allies Turn ***</b></font>

I wonder if moving that space from before <font to right before the first * would make any difference? (Not that I think it really should)

hmm… well, that seems to have fixed the issue, unless there’s some transient weirdness going on. Thanks Brian!