(v3.5.7) determine player name for logging

I’m adding a HyperSQL logging feature to support after-action-review of game play. I’ve successfully added most of the commands (add, remove, move, change, etc). But much of the details of the action seem to be encoded in the “state” parameter. In particular, i need the player name (in plain text), and the “side” that the game piece belongs to. The side should come from the game module, so I think I’ll have to modify the module to make that available.
But, the player name must come out of the game state. So, how can I get that from within the BasicLogger class?


If you need access to the GameState, you can get that via the GameModue. Look in BasicLogger.addTo(). The first four lines of that get the GameModule, and then get the GameState from the GameModule.