V3.5.8 minor bug: symbolic die BG fills height only

The symbolic die background colour fills the height of the button but not the width.

I’m not seeing that. Would you provide a screenshot?

When I look at this again, I can’t replicate it either, sorry.

I realised that what I was seeing was likely due to how the Symbolic Button trait treats an image that is less than the button dimensions. In that the image doesn’t centre on the button but seems to fill in the button space from the top left.

For my case, the solution is to upscale the image outside of Vassal to match the button size (minor detail: was necessary to restart the module for the button to precisely align with other buttons of the same size).

In the following example, the dice buttons are both 39w x 35h. The blue die is scaled the same, the red die is smaller at 29w x 32h (bg colour fill grey).

Thanks for looking at this, @uckelman. Hope this post helps someone to avoid my mistake in future.

I’d like to look at the alignment of icons in that button, but I don’t know what component it’s in. Could you post a minimal test module?

@uckelman Symbolic Die image scaling demo module

[update: removed redundant scenarios to reduce demo file size]

Hmm. I don’t see an obvious reason why that happens.